At LTAK Services we exclusively use only genuine parts for all servicing and maintenance work, as well as regularly scheduling all ongoing stocking/restocking needs to best service your specific system.

In addition, we exclusively supply only genuine TiMotion and LINAK components which exceed all medical application industry standards and requirements.

TiMotion Components

TMOTION components have become a world technological leader in medical related actuation and control markets due directly to their superior design and reliable functionality. In addition, TMotion’s industry leading manufacturing efforts have made their wide range of medical products more than capable of efficiently handling nearly all medical applications throughout the industry today.

LINAK Components

The LINAK range of electric linear actuators, control boxes, controls and accessories deliver the freedom and flexibility required to handle almost any medical application. LINAK componentry is well-tested and documented quality ensures a safe, reliable solution that will fit into your application.

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