LINAK Control Boards


LINAK control boxes link control units with actuators so that their movements are perfectly controlled. Various accessories can also be connected to the system through a control box. LINAK provides both simple and sophisticated microprocessor operated control boxes.

Popular Control Boxes Available

ItemsPart NumberSpec Code
Main Control BoardTC8-2125-003TC8-6311-231
Main Control BoardTC8-2125-002TC8-6311-231
Control Board CM500TC8-2125-001TC8-7311-213 CM500
Control Box Elite PlusTC8-2125-004(TC8-6311-231) Elite Plus Bed
Main Control Board LINAKCU2000000011064-AUPrius Beds
MJB012-00 and under bed lightMJB012-00MJB box to just under the bed for hand set
PC for CB9 Board M7 Bed10CB9E060-B-0Howard Wright M7 Bed
Complete Control Board CB9CB914AE4+A001JHoward Wright M7 Bed
PC for CB12 Board M7 Bed10CB12H054-F-4 or 1Howard Wright M7 Bed
CB12 Complete Control UnitCB1200944A0132JMedicraft Beds
CB12 (PC Board Only)10CB12011-E-4Medicraft Beds
CB6078-00 Complete Control UnitCB6S-0BF-4CH-IPX6Hill Rom Beds
PC Board Only FE5000CB14XXXX4AA132JMedicraft Beds

NOTE: We stock the full range of LINAK Control Boards

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