At LTAK we provide comprehensive repair and maintenance services in order to maximize both the function and continuous reliability of all your healthcare and medical equipment.

We trust that our professional experience and expertise in state-of-the-art medical equipment maintenance will significantly improve your healthcare service—as well as improve the overall reliability of your medical equipment—all while reducing cost and ongoing expenses.
Our industry experience clearly demonstrates that the regularly scheduled, comprehensive maintenance of healthcare equipment significantly maximises both the quality and availability of your healthcare service capability, while also significantly minimising any unnecessary expenses due to damage/failure/breakdown.


All of our highly-trained, skilled personnel thoroughly service and inspect all equipment and fortify your healthcare system by either reducing or completely eliminating any/all potential issues that can affect your team’s performance.


All LTAK Services are delivered as required, or our skilled service teams are always prepared to custom-tailor any specific service agreement in order to properly maintain the ongoing function and reliability of your specific healthcare needs.


Our highly-skilled personnel can and will schedule, service and inspect all of your equipment at the most industry competitive rates, professionally supporting your healthcare system while continually reducing any and all potential business issues.


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Health & Safety Practices:

All LTAK Service teams (and all of our equipment and components) meet or exceed all industry standards, and we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently retrain and upgrade our industry knowledge and experience on a regularly scheduled basis.​

We’re here to help you provide the healthcare your patients need, in the most reliably safe manner available anywhere today, and tomorrow!