Emergency Breakdowns

Have an emergency? For emergency breakdown assistance, please call 0409 009 944 for support

All modern healthcare services depend entirely on the absolutely vital—and absolutely reliable—ongoing performance of advanced medical technology.

All modern medical equipment is designed to enable caregivers to reliably deliver the type of acute care required, but the critical downside to these technologies is that any/all emergency equipment failures or disruptions can result in avoidably critical issues.

We know that even slight service disruptions can result in critical issues, but emergencies are an integral part of every healthcare system.

That’s why all of our experienced LTAK Emergency Service teams are highly-trained and tested to ensure that—when inevitable breakdowns do occur—your team will be able to rapidly recover, and be quickly prepared to provide the service you need!

The LTAK Services team fully understands the impact any breakdown can have and so, in the majority of potential emergencies (depending on location), we offer same-day service & support solutions that effectively get your system back up & running.

With our team of highly-trained technicians—and fully-stocked and maintained emergency service vehicles—we’re capable of rapidly repairing any/all equipment malfunctions in order to get your team back to fully functional ASAP.

In addition, as the only authorised TiMotion distributor in Australia, our emergency teams have instant genuine part’s access to address your emergency breakdown requirements immediately.

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