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Handset is the unit that users will touch and feel all the time; therefore, we specially focus on the user-friendly features that enhance the delightful experiences of usage. Furthermore, ergonomic design is also introduced into our products.

Popular Handsets Available

Items Part NumberSpec Code
Hand ControlTH12-2125-001TH12-B422-301A-1
ACC ControlTNP3-2125-001TNP3-52-30AA
Hand Set Elite PlusTFH1-2125-001New as of 15/09/2014
ACC Control Elite PlusTNP1-2125-001(TNP1-223-0A2-3) Elite Plus Bed
Hand Set Howard Wright5 Function M7 bedsHoward Wright M7 Bed
Hand Set Howard Wright with ex Cable5 Function M7 plus bedsHoward Wright M7 Bed
Hand Set 5 FunctionHB75H06-009021Medicraft Beds
Hand Set 4 FunctionHB7460028-10600Medicraft Beds
Hand Set 3 FunctionHB43000-002041Medicraft Beds and Joyce
Hand Set 2 FunctionHB42000-004041Medicraft and Joyce
ACC Nurse ControlACC610101+B0000Prius Beds
Hand Set Arjo Huntleigh 4 FunctionHB7X238-00Arjo Huntleigh
Hand Set Arjo Huntleigh 3 FunctionHB73H03-010121Arjo Huntleigh
Hand Set 5 Function LINAKHB8X210-00Hill Rom Beds
Hand SetHB8X016-00Prius Beds

NOTE: We stock the full range of TiMotion Handsets

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