LINAK Linear Actuators


Linear actuators from LINAK are high-quality actuators with a long lifetime and little or no maintenance. A linear actuator can be integrated in sophisticated control systems – providing precise position feedback and accurate control of the actuator.

Popular Linear Actuators Available

ItemsPart NumberSpec Code
Hi-Lo ActuatorTA7-2125-011TA7-5R-150323-122AA-4 (goes with TC8-2125-003)
Hi-Lo ActuatorTA7-2125-008TA7-5R-150323-122AA-4 (goes with TC8-2125-002)
Head ActuatorTA1-2125-007TA7-5R-150323-122AA-4
Knee ActuatorTA7-2125-006TA7-5J-050289-25123-010AA-4
Hi-Lo Actuator31410H+1115004KPrius Beds
Back Rest Actuator312315-00Prius Beds
Knee Actuator312100+2105004PPrius Beds
Hi-Lo Actuator270358.00Hill-Rom MC700
Back Rest Actuator312391.00Hill-Rom MC700
Knee Actuator270281.00Hill-Rom MC700

NOTE: We stock the full range of LINAK Actuators

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